Michael Moschen

Something you may not have known is that David Bowie, as the Goblin King, did not actually juggle crystals.  Perhaps you realized that, but maybe you didn't know who really did.  Well, here's you answer....Michael Moschen was the hands behind the Goblin King.  He was hired by Jim Henson to perform the difficult task of making the crystals seem to float as the Goblin King tossed them around effortlessly.  And he did an excellent job.
Moschen is not your ordinary juggler.  He has dedicated a large part of his life to teaching himself this beautiful art.  Along with crystals, Moschen is known for a giant triangle he utilizes in order to juggle the balls all around his body, using the sounds of the balls and his feet to make unique, rhythmic beats.  If you ever see a special on television where Michael Moschen is featured, I'd recommend watching.  You probably won't regret it.

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